Partner Your Talent™

Relevant Movement Executive Coaching Program

Where do you begin a journey to leadership effectiveness? The breadth of your leadership landscape – the range of ways you might choose to lead – is defined by the overlap of your mind-set, style, and skills. At the core of it all, directing your steps is your internal personal compass. Your “true north,” if you will.

Because your internal compass is part and parcel of every action you take, it is essential to have a keen understanding your own personal paradigm. Why do you do what you do, in the way that you do it? And how can you shift directions when desired?

“Just as a compass points toward a magnetic field, your True North pulls you toward the purpose of your leadership.” Bill George, former CEO at Medtronic

Partner Your Talent™ provides a unique opportunity for busy leaders to engage in an impactful professional development program in a manageable fashion.

Using the True North materials authored by Bill George, your leadership coach will facilitate joint discussions with you and a specially selected partnering executive. Each meeting, you and your executive partner will share insights through discussion of the True North material and other coach provided resources. In addition to meeting jointly with your partner, you will receive individual coaching meetings.

The 12 unit program is paced according to the desire of you and your executive partner. Need time to absorb? Meet once per month. Inclined to work a bit more quickly? Meet twice per month. Ready to gain some serious momentum? Meet weekly. Your schedule, your call.

If you are ready to discover your internal compass, examine your leadership journey to date, and set in motion a path to leadership strength that lasts a lifetime then perhaps Partner Your Talent™ is your next professional development move.

“Good is the enemy of excellence. Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.” – Jim Rohn