L.E.A.D. Program

L.E.A.D. Smarter™

Leadership Effectiveness, Awareness, Development

Effective leaders have great opportunity to impact the bottom line. Are you an effective leader? This comprehensive leadership program does more than offer you another view of yourself. The LEAD program enables you to better understand yourself, broaden your appreciation of others, and enhance cooperation with others. This is accomplished by combining the results of three assessment tools with one-to-one coaching. As steel sharpens steel, so too do effective leaders. When they are in community, on a regular basis, leaders form strong bonds and strengthen each other. This program encourages the development of Leadership in Community (LinC) groups. LinC champions effective leadership in your organization, allowing all staff levels to benefit from the contributions of strong, connected leaders.

Outcomes. Participants will:

  • Have a deep understanding of their leadership style and how that impacts the people around them
  • Discover more effective means of leadership, using their natural gifts
  • Create a toolbox of techniques to use in everyday business settings
  • Become a relationship-oriented team player, creating community among peer leaders.

“Good is the enemy of excellence. Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.” – Jim Rohn