Developing your leadership potential begins with keen awareness


  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    Understanding, and making useful, the knowledge of our individual personality preferences
    • We recommend this assessment for team building and first time leaders.
  • DiSC
    Recognizing the strengths and challenges of your 
    workplace behavioral style
    • We recommend this assessment for individual and team leadership styles.
    • Mid level leaders to C-suite
  • Strengths Finder
    Discovering your unique collection of talent, knowledge, and skills
    • 1st time leaders up to C-suite


Hogan Assessment: This tool provides a three-part personality assessment to analyze values, strengths and identify high-potential employees. A sample report can be found here.

  1. Measures the inside: what are your values and what makes you be you?
  2. The bright side: what is the job fit when things are going well and how are you managing your behaviors?
  3. The dark side: what is the job fit when you are working under pressure and not managing your behaviors?
  • Recommended for mid-level managers to the C-suite
  • Can be used for both individual and team coaching

Denison Culture Assessment: This tool measures your company culture’s alignment regarding the key areas of Mission, Consistency, Involvement and Adaptability. When you have a strong culture alignment, that translates to better value creation and return for your business and better financial performance overall.

This assessment also ties leadership behaviors to the Hogan Assessment.

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“Great companies make meaning. A company has a name, but its people give it meaning.” – Richard Pascale