During the coaching process, I found myself starting to connect with my co-leaders more directly. Following the coaching process, we began our monthly meetings which have connected me even closer to them. I find we are more open in our conversations. We recognize shared issues, consider available options, and understand our own unique abilities for dealing with situations. I walk out of the meetings more confident knowing I have leadership partners I can count on.”

I’ll admit… I was reluctant to consider I would gain much new thinking from a few assessment tools and some executive coaching. But I am glad to have experienced the LEAD leadership coaching program. The structure of the coaching dialogues gave me new perspectives of my own leadership style which allowed me to adjust my communication for more effective conversations with staff. Having this “self-knowledge” along with the tools and worksheets from the program, offers me a roadmap to becoming an even stronger leader.”

Of greatest importance to me, when working closely with people, is trust and reliability. With the folks at Relevant Movement and AssetHR, you don’t give conscious thought to trusting them of finding them reliable, they just are. And before you know if, you resume thinking with clarity and taking action that offers the results you were looking for all along. I walked away from every meeting better-armed to handle situations on my own moving forward.”

“Great companies make meaning. A company has a name, but its people give it meaning.” – Richard Pascale