Executive Insights™

Take your sales team to the next level

The expectations for executives in any organization are high. Leaders can possess excellent skills, talents and experience, yet may not reliably recognize how to blend those attributes. Awareness and appropriate application of their core competencies is critical to creating beneficial experiences with staff, clients, vendors and community partners.

Our Executive insights program works with you to identify the core competencies you need to be wildly successful in your job. Our assessment tools increase your awareness of how you’re doing against those core competencies, and guide you as you create a plan to improve your foundational strengths.

Outcomes. Participants will:

  • Thoroughly understand core competencies essential for leadership success
  • Affirm their performance in relation to those core competencies
  • Create a plan, and incorporate an accountability partner, for improving critical core competencies.

“The effective executive builds on strengths – their own strengths, the strengths of superiors, colleagues, subordinates, and on the strengths of the situation.” – Peter Drucker