What We Offer

We develop leadership strength.

Our leadership education philosophy is founded on three principles:

  1. Awareness is the foundation of all leadership activities.
  2. The application and practice of new and more developed concepts hones leadership style and strength.
  3. Continual exposure to leadership learning seats core competencies into action.


Most leadership experts agree on a core set of competencies required of those who aspire toward becoming a great leader. But few leadership experts agree on what constitutes a complete set of competencies. Each leadership team is as unique as the company itself. For this reason, a company should define the set of leadership competencies that is most likely to breed success in their unique setting. These defined competencies become the foundation of your in-house talent management systems and leadership development planning.


Our blended expertise widens your path to developing greater leadership strength. We can mix and match a variety of assessments, workshops, coaching and reinforcement learning services to create the program that fits your organization and budget. Relevant Movement firmly secures learning with reinforcement activities.

“Studies show that without reinforcement, learning is quickly lost; 80% can be forgotten.” – Zenger & Folkman