Leadership Defined

Why bother developing leaders?

Because everybody leads.

At Relevant Movement™, our definition of “leading” is “to effectively influence an outcome toward a goal or desired result.” Every individual in an organization has the opportunity to lead in some fashion, regardless of their seat in that organization. Given this, here are some thoughts for consideration:

  • Role modeling effective leadership is extremely important. All people in all seats are learning about leadership through osmosis at all times. Great leaders are always influenced by another great leader at some point in their life. Shouldn’t your organization be modeling great leadership for the future?
  • Extraordinary leadership development starts with the person at the top caring to continually improve his or her leadership effectiveness. Studies show that the body of leadership in any size organization directly impacts the company’s bottom line. Studies also show that typically an organizations’ set of leaders are rarely more effective than the leader at the top. Organizations cannot afford to ignore investing in the development of leaders, especially their executives.
  • A culture of leadership development hits the mark with employees. Companies who embrace continuous leadership development as part of their culture have
    more effective individual contributors and teams.
  • It doesn’t have to be expensive. Effective leadership programs always provide a positive return on investment. Yet, leadership development doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider both your development goals and your available budget.
  • Leadership programs are available at a wide range of price points.
  • It’s OK to expect great things from leaders. As leaders become extraordinary,
    we can expect that they will:
    • Increase the productivity of their team
    • Have more confidence in their ability to succeed
    • Influence a feeling of optimism and hope among their employees
    • Show contagious enthusiasm and passion
    • Display great resiliency against roadblocks and obstacles
Extraordinary leaders not only get more work done better, they also teach the organization as a whole how to lead from their seat, which in turn prepares your next generation of leaders to contribute in extraordinary ways!

It’s a win-win!

“Everything about great leadership radiates from character.” – Dave Ulrich