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Who's the Boss

National Boss’s Day is next week, on Thursday, October 16th.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 6.4 million people work in managerial roles. There are many workplace surveys confirming that one of the most important elements of job satisfaction is a positive relationship between a manager and their employee.

Check out this infographic. As a manager, do you remember to do everything on this list? More importantly, do your employees see or hear you doing everything on this list? We are all going to drop the ball at some point. Perhaps you forgot to give someone credit for a job well done. Or you were overwhelmed by yet another project, when in reality you should’ve delegated it to someone else.

The most important thing is take a few minutes each day or week to re-focus. Some quick questions to ask yourself:

  1. Am I using my strengths and time effectively?
  2. Have I checked in with my team and provided enough communication, guidance and resources?
  3. Am I delegating enough to my team, or do they have enough on their plate?
  4. From the items on the infographic, what are the top 2-3 things I can improve on this week?

Making an effort to continually develop as a manager will reflect positively on your work and to your employees as well. Hopefully your diligence in doing so will be appreciated by your employees, and they will do the same for you.






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