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Three Rs of Training

As your company quickly moves into 2015, hopefully training and learning initiatives are scheduled as needed for the different areas of your organization.

BLR recently had an article to remind employers about the three Rs when it comes to building training programs:


Workers will tune you out if they can’t see how the training topic applies to them or will help them perform their jobs. Make sure they understand early on in a training session exactly why they need to know the information you are giving them.

For example, are supervisors aware that they can be held personally liable for sexual harassment? Do they understand that the company could be in murky legal waters if performance problems are not properly documented, and an employee later claims to have been terminated due to race or age, rather than poor performance?


Repetition improves retention, and practice improves the execution of skills. Learners need more than one chance to hear information and more than one opportunity to practice newly acquired skills.


Reinforce learning whenever possible. After training, ask learners to demonstrate a particular skill. Train supervisors to acknowledge learners’ mastery of a new process or safety procedure.

Keeping the three Rs in mind is essential for successful training initiatives.

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