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Leaders with Empathy

"Successful leaders lead with the heart, not just the head. They possess qualities like empathy, compassion and courage. They also have the ability to establish deep, long-term and genuine relationships where others trust them.” ~Bill George


What is the definition of empathy? According to Merriam Webster dictionary, it’s the feeling that you understand and share another person's experiences and emotions, or the ability to share someone else's feelings

Empathy doesn’t mean you have to agree with your employees 100% of the time, but to have the ability to comprehend what they are going through. There are benefits from being able to understand what those around us need, as opposed to what we perceive is required.

Successful leaders take the time to understand the needs of their employees and offer the support they need when dealing with workplace challenges or issues. In doing so, leaders can build a sense of trust, thereby strengthening the relationships they have with their employees and consequently, the relationships employees have with one another, leading to greater collaboration and improved productivity.


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